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Our financing team offers its expertise to serve the private financing needs of emerging, growth and expansion stage companies.

Private Financing
Our financing team offers its expertise to serve the private financing needs of emerging, growth and expansion stage companies. We assist clients in establishing the most optimal capital structure to recapitalize and expand into new markets. We focus primarily on the following services:

Growth Capital
Growth capital financing has traditionally been the predominant method for Chinese entrepreneurs to access private capital, from inception of the company to its IPO. We pride ourselves on adding meaningful value to each client by helping them to select the most appropriate investors and negotiate win-win transaction structures. Our strength in this area is demonstrated by our unparalleled track record in helping our clients successfully raise growth capital.

Alternative Financing
As companies mature, their financing needs become more diversified, ranging from bridge financing to accumulating an acquisition war chest or even seeking liquidity for existing shareholders. To meet these needs, T.H.Capital offers a wide range of financing alternatives including straight equity, equity-linked, debt or a combination of these depending on the specific needs of the client. We work carefully with each client to determine the most optional financing structure, helping them raise cost effective financing on a timely basis.

Public Market Alternatives
Being listed on a public exchange often increases a company’s financing alternatives. However, many small-cap companies or companies listed on exchanges with limited trading volume may have difficulty accessing further public equity, particularly in challenging market conditions. T.H.Capital can help public companies seeking additional financing to obtain capital from the private markets through PIPE and other structured transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Our mergers and acquisitions advisory business provides expert advice to companies engaging in strategic alliance and acquisition transactions. Our broad M&A experience and unique insight on China allows us to help companies make informed decisions regarding the risks and opportunities involved in China’s business transactions. We understand that the key to success of any M&A transaction is not only in the deal execution process but also the deal making process. We work closely with all stakeholders and key decision makers to anticipant and preemptively resolve issues and concerns that could otherwise unhinge a transaction.

Our services focus on the following categories:
Our sell side advisory business is focused on companies which are seeking an alternative to IPO or are looking to partner with a larger, more established platform. Services include helping companies identify and select potential buyers and advising them on negotiation strategies and structuring alternatives. We help selling shareholders maximize value by creating a competitive auction process.

Our buy side advisory business focuses on companies looking to expand quickly into new business lines and markets or seeking to add scale through industry consolidation. In addition to domestic M&A, we also advise companies on cross-border M&A, working with both local companies seeking to expand internationally and MNCs looking to implement their China strategy. Our services include helping companies explore the strategic rationale for a transaction, identifying potential targets and advising on negotiation and structuring issues.

Buyouts and Recapitalizations
Buyouts and recapitalizations are quickly gaining traction in China and we are uniquely positioned to help companies seeking to undertake these complex transactions. Our strong technical expertise combined with our intimate understanding of the local market helps position T.H.Capital as the advisor of choice for these emerging products.

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