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Dear friends,
My “Angel Investment” Book Volume 1 in English is released at Amazon Kindle!
This beta version is available to friends like you for ONLY$0.99 before we will increase the price more than 10 times soon!
It’s not perfect so, please give us any comments or feedback at http://en.Webplus.com
March 1 tomorrow morning, I will be speaking at the UCBerkeley-Haas Asia Business Conference:
It will be a great event for me to launch my “Angel Investment” book in the U.S.
As one of the 3 panelists at the Finance Panel, I can giveaway a few free tickets of this Conference to guests like you.
My speech video is available at
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Please reply if you are interested in attending. Hope to see you soon.
Thanks for your support!
Victor Tong
Without any advertising, the Chinese version of “Angel Investment” is the #1 bestseller in China about investment and startups in China. Now it has been adapted to English-speaking audiences. Learn how to start a business, innovate, find good people, avoid risks, raise money, tell truth from lies, do due diligence, negotiate, invest, and succeed in China and the U.S. This is the first volume in a series of 3 volumes. It will also show you how to conduct due diligence in China on your investors, investees, business partners, employees, government officials, significant others, etc. How can you protect yourself and how do you value companies, products andservices, and investment when people cannot be trusted, products can beknockoffs, deals can be scams, and once trusted partners can betray you? Thebook will show you what makes Guanxi or mutual relationship work for yourmaximum advantage, and what motivates your Chinese partners to help you achieve mutual success.


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